Sebamed Lip Defense 10ml

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100% Natural Lip Balm

Sebamed Lip Defense is considered an effective and safe herbal remedy to cure any outbreaks. An Essential amino acid needed by the body to avoid outbreaks and heal tissues is known as Lysine. Lysine, which is used, is powdered and pharma-grade. 

Lysine is created by the body by itself, and cold sores are cured using a topical application that works like magic. The cellular improvement is made by zinc oxide. 

Lip Care

A good moisturizing base is created by using Shea butter and beeswax that lasts longer and feels amazing. 

Best Lip Balm for lip protection

It is safe for children! It serves as a drug-free alternative! Also, this product contains constituents like zinc oxide and lysine. The rare formula acts as a building block that helps to mend and heal tissues to make them strong. 

Dry Lip treatment

Considered as the mellow formula ready to treat cold sores and help in other skin issues. Future outbreaks have been dealt with by everyday use of the strong mixture of L-lysine, which is of pharmaceutical grade. It protects the lips from dryness and dehydration. This should be kept close to you in your purses, pockets, bedside, or desk. 

Lip Moisture

It is powdered lysine, and zinc can be felt in powdered form working them. Only by using it daily will your lips be at their best. Everyday use of lysine and lemon balm topically aids in preventing future outbreaks. It emits a light lemon scent and does not cause sensations like burning, sting, or tingle. It is a handy kind of twist-up lip balm stick.

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