Panadol Baby & Infant 120mg/5ml Suspension 100ml

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Panadol Baby & Infant Suspension is strawberry flavoured formulated to be pleasant tasting and comes with a dosing device so its easy to administer to infants and children and like all Children’s Panadol products it is gentle on little stomachs when used as directed.

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Panadol baby and infant

It is formulated especially for babies, and it comes in the great tasting. It is easy to give a dose of this medicine to children and infants.

Gentle on stomach

This Panadol Baby and infant is gentle on the stomach of babies. If you use the medicine according to the directions, then it is very effective for children.

Relief from pains

It provides immediate and temporary relief from different pains, and also it treats the fever of babies. It is also effective against toothache, teething, sore throat, childhood infections, and immunization.

After vaccination pain

Panadol is effective for children who get fever and pain after vaccination injection.

Format of tablets

Panadol baby and infant is available in the form of suspension, which contains undissolved particles of more than one medicinal agent, and it is mixed with a liquid for oral intake.

Active ingredients

It contains paracetamol which is effective to treat fever and pains.

How to use it?

  • Shake the bottle carefully.

  • With the help of a syringe or dropper, measure the required amount.

  • Mix it with the liquid or directly drop it onto the tongue of the child.


  • Do not exceed the recommended amount of dose and use it according to the recommendation of a doctor.

  • Do not give this medicine more than three days without the prescription of a doctor.

  • Do not give this product to your child if you are giving them another product that also contains paracetamol.

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