Fitness enthusiasts swear by their proteins – protein powders, shakes, protein bars and more. Thanks to the availability of vegan protein options, vegans too can get the necessary nutrients to take their fitness game a notch above. Vegans believe in not using any animal or dairy products in their lifestyle. Therefore a protein powder that caters to this category is much welcome.

What is vegan protein?

Vegan proteins are derived from plan based sources like grains, legumes and seeds. The fats and carbohydrates are segregated from these sources to give us a clean protein that is free of all animal protein. Vegan protein also ensures that the protein that you are consuming is free of all cruelty to animals, something that vegans strongly believe in.

Is plant protein or vegan protein inferior to animal protein sources?

Definitely not! In fact, plant based vegan protein is a cleaner source of protein because it has reduced levels of saturated fat, is cholesterol-free, is fiber rich, and has important ingredients like phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Therefore, in no way are plant based vegan proteins in any way inferior to animal proteins.

Can you use vegan protein powders for building muscles?

Vegans who are looking to start their fitness journey often have concerns on usage of vegan protein powders in their fitness journey. Because animal based protein powders are more commonly available and very popular, the alternate proteins are seen as inferior choice in terms of building muscles. But vegan proteins certainly have all the nutrients to keep you energized. Plus it has been proven to lessen the risk of diseases and increase longevity in comparison to animal based proteins.

What are the different varieties of vegan proteins that are available?

At Life Pharmacy, we have a wide variety of plant based vegan protein powders that use a multitude of organic sources like organic apples, cocoa, natural oils, organic kale, spinach, beetroot and many more. These fruits and vegetables make up for high protein vegan foods that are going to give you the necessary energy and stamina to give your best during the workout. If you are a vegan and feel that your choice in food & lifestyle is going to hold you back, think again. Your search for the best vegan protein powders and shakes ends here. Vegan protein powders are available in many healthy and tasty formulas. Shop them in exciting flavors like chocolate, vanilla, mocha, blackberry and more.

Top 10 vegan protein powders that you can buy today:

  1. Vega Sport Premium Protein Berry
  2. Vega Protein & Greens French Vanilla
  3. Vega Sport Premium Protein Vanilla
  4. Vega Sport Premium Protein Mocha
  5. Vega Sport Protein Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter
  6. Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein Vanilla
  7. Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein Unflavored
  8. Natures Plus Garden Vegan Protein Meal
  9. Vega One Botanical All-In-One Shake Blends Reishi
  10. Garden Of Life Organic Plant Protein Energy

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