Life Instant Hand Sanitizer 50 ml

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BHD0.39   (VAT Inclusive)
  • Kills 99.9% Of Germs
  • With Aloe + Vitamin E
  • For Soft and Moisturized Hands
  • Rinse-Free and Non-Sticky

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Life Instant Hand Sanitizer is an anti-bacterial sanitizer that kills 99.9% of the germs including viruses, and bacteria. It contains natural ingredients which will cause no skin irritation. It sanitizes the hands in 15 seconds. You have to apply a small amount of sanitizer to your hands if you want to prevent viruses and bacteria.

Sanitizer Hand Wash

The best way to stay away from the transmission of diseases and viruses is to wash the hands with water and soap. But in case if you are travelling and have no access to water, then you should use hand sanitizer. Use hand sanitizer and protect yourself and your family from chronic diseases. 

Best Hand Sanitizer 

Life Instant Hand Sanitizer is best for giveaways in offices, classrooms, hospitals, and healthcare sectors. 

Non-sticky formula and skin-friendly

It is made with skin-friendly and non-sticky ingredients which will prevent you from skin irritation. Life Instant Hand Sanitizer also has moisturizing properties. 

Portable hand sanitizer

Life Instant Hand sanitizer is portable and travel-friendly. You can put this sanitizer in your pocket or backpack while going out. 

Effective Hand Sanitizer 

You should place enough sanitizer on your palm and then rub the hands gently and dry them.  


If the children under 7 years are using the hand sanitizer, then you should supervise them. Kids of less than 2 months cannot use this sanitizer. Do not use hand sanitizer to open wounds. 

Keep out the sanitizer from the eyes, mouth, and ears. If you face any skin irritation, then stop using this sanitizer and consult a doctor. 

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